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We have an amazing opportunity that we would like to share with you. A guy I have known for years contacted me asking if I could find new groundskeepers for his property. I had supplied two bible school graduate families to work as his groundskeepers for the past 12 years. Due to a medical condition, they had to leave and he needs new help. I couldn’t find anyone interested, but asked him what his plan was for the property. He has been working on it for over 15 years with a dream of opening a youth bible camp here in Thailand. Trouble is, he doesn’t speak Thai and doesn’t know anyone here and he lives in California most of the year.

He shared that he was desperate to sell the place. He’s in his 70’s and realizes he will not fulfill his dream and he can’t afford maintaining the property anymore. He offered me a price of US$288,000 for the 8.5- acre property. It is laid out as a resort, has ten buildings which have hardly ever been used, 3 phase electric, two deep wells and ample space to grow and expand. It’s pretty much a turn key property that could be used immediately. It is appraised well above the asking price.

Our Challenge: Our current Bible School facility is on property we have rented for the last 33 years. I was very close with the original landlord and had the opportunity to lead him to Christ. He died 20 years ago. His son honored his father’s wishes to allow us to use the properties, but now his son is in his 70’s and in very poor health. The grandson appears to be taking over and is more interested in making profit on the land; thus, our favor is waning. We need a place to relocate when the rental property is no longer available.

We have $115,000 in savings designated to buy property. I am trying to raise the last $173,000 to make this purchase without having to go into financing if possible.

Potential: The property would serve us well for our bible school, it would also provide us a venue to begin hosting children and youth camps as well as a conference center for adults. The biggest challenge we have in Thailand right now is rampant drug use especially among the youth. The government legalized marijuana last month. Marijuana plants are being sold at every nursery and cultivation of this drug is exploding. This is a disaster for Thailand. We are the only nation in SE Asia that has made this step.

This facility would enable us to provide a fun environment where we can share the Gospel while helping children and youth realize the dangers of drug use. I was a drug addict for 12 years. Marijuana was the entry drug that led me to abusing everything else. That nearly cost me my life. Were it not for coming to Christ, I would probably be dead now.

In our 35 years in Thailand, we have developed close relationships with literally hundreds of villages and communities. We have graduates in high government positions and our foundation is well respected and trusted. We have a platform to utilize this property to positively impact the youth and children of this generation. We would also be able to utilize the facility for adult seminars, training, etc.

The purchase price is unheard of; undeveloped land in this area is selling for 50% higher/acre than this developed property. The owner is willing to sell at this price to see his dream fulfilled of the land being used to impact youth for Christ. The potential for this property to impact lives with the Gospel is unlimited.

We wanted to share this opportunity with you in hopes that you might be able to help us buy this property. We have accomplished so much together through the years; this will be another milestone. All gifts designated “Land” will be used for this project.

Thanks, and God Bless!
Charlie & Cathy

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