Evangelism & Church Planting

Evangelism and church planting is an exciting facet of the ministry of LWMI in Thailand. A bold vision to plant and build 1000 churches is fueling the growth of this outreach. We work through the graduates of our Bible School as well as established national ministers to evangelize unreached areas. Once a pocket of believers is established, a church is constructed. Thousands of people have been won to the Lord through this method.

Sponsor a Church

Over 220 churches have already been built by our church planting teams. We have been averaging 15-18 churches built each year. You can be a vital part of the success of this program by helping with the construction costs of a church.

Our cost per location is only $5000. The actual cost of a church is typically $20,000 – $30,000, but some can cost well over $100,000. LWMI only needs to raise $5000 per location as we work together with an organization that helps subsidize $9000 – $10,000 of the costs for each church building. Anything above that is raised by the congregation.

Our costs are kept low as we utilize the congregation to do much of the grunt work. We will typically have 2-3 master builders at a location who utilize the labor of the congregation to get the job done. The sweat equity invested by the congregation gives them a sense of ownership in the project. We have two dump trucks and all the equipment needed for constructing these projects which also helps keep our costs down. We have successfully used these methods for the last 20+ years and have over 220 churches as a result.

Sponsor a Pastor or Evangelist

You can sponsor one of our church planter/evangelists. These men work tirelessly in difficult situations. There are no offerings to sustain them as they spread the Gospel in new regions. You can fully support a minister for $200/month. Partial sponsorship of lesser amounts can be combined to keep these ministers moving.
“How shall they believe in Him who they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent?” Romans 10:14-15

  • US$200/month – Full Support
  • US$100/month – Half Support (combined with another gift will provide full support)
  • $1200 – Cost of a motorcycle for an evangelist