About Living Word Ministries International

Our Story

Charlie and Cathy Milbrodt have been ministering the Gospel since 1981. Their main calling has been to missions and especially SE Asia. They came to Thailand December of 1986 to establish Living Word Ministries International. LWMI has grown into a powerful ministry reaching every corner of the nation. The vision of Living Word Ministries International is accomplished through five strategies:

Bible School: A full 2 and 4 year bible-training program. Students live on campus and participate in a program of intense bible training along with practical experience. After the completion of the two-year program, students that qualify have the option to study an additional 2 years through an accredited bachelor’s degree program.

Evangelism – Church Planting: LWMI has been averaging 15-18 church plants per year. To date over 220 churches have been built and dedicated. A team of dedicated evangelist/church planters and multiple church building crews are currently at work.

Leadership Training: LWMI has ministered to over 2500 ministers throughout the nation of Thailand. This is accomplished through translation and distribution of books, leadership seminars and minister’s conferences.

Social Impact: Disaster Relief, Care and Education for Refugees, Social and Occupational Development Projects help us establish strong ties with government officials and make major impact in communities. Mai Thai Coffee is a project that is transforming the income of rural farmers and contributing to the support of orphans and at-risk children. www.maithaicoffee.com

Abundant Life Children’s Home: This facet of the ministry has been developed to minister to orphans and at-risk children. The children’s homes are full care resident homes where the children live until they finish their education and enter the job market or continue in ministry training.

How Our Work with Children Began: Our work with children exists today because of a set of twin boys we found deep in the jungles of the Golden Triangle region of Thailand in August 1989. We were tipped off about a set of twins that were abandoned. We trekked to the remote mountain area where we found two little boys only ten days old and at the point of death. That day changed our lives forever.

We brought the babies down the mountain to get them the medical help they so desperately needed and to find a good home for them. Little did we know at that time that our home would become their home. Finding the boys opened our eyes to things taking place among children, the most vulnerable members of society. A vision was birthed to establish Abundant Life Children’s Home. In May of 1994 we opened our home with 22 children. We have been growing every year, pursuing our vision of reaching thousands of children.

The children come from many backgrounds, all from severe poverty. Some are the children of drug addicts or prostitutes, some are orphans, and some are refugee children. Many are just from extremely poor families that live in remote areas where schooling is not available. We provide a home with an opportunity for proper education and a decent upbringing. Food, housing, medical, clothing and education are provided. We have a staff of experienced husband/wife teams that live with and care for the children.

Abundant Life Foundation is registered with the Government of Thailand to facilitate the ongoing vision to develop and expand Abundant Life Children’s Homes. Permanent homes to care for the children have been built on land purchased under Abundant Life Foundation.

At Abundant Life Children’s Home, children grow up in a safe and friendly environment. A quality education provides the children with the opportunity to develop the skills they will need to enter the job market and pursue a successful career.

Graduates from our program have done quite well. Many have started their own businesses, others have pursued nursing, social work, teaching, government jobs, etc.. Today over 30% of the staff at Abundant Life Foundation came to us as small children, grew up at our facilities, attained a college degree and now work with us to help other children to have the opportunity they had. We have become a big family.