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It is back to school time for the 600+ children under our care here in Thailand. We have a bit over 250 children in our three permanent home facilities and another 350 at our school in the refugee camp.

And You Thought You Had It Bad… Parents can relate to the “Back To School Blitz” each year. New clothes, new shoes, back packs, supplies, etc. etc. Multiply that by 600 children and you know what we have been up to the last month.

New Children New Lives… Every year we take in new children. The screening process is tough as we only have so many beds as well as a quota limit for each home. We always have more applicants than we can accept. We follow a rigorous screening process to find the most at risk, disadvantaged children. We realize our decisions will have life changing impact in their lives. This
year we were blessed to receive 30 new children into our program.

24 College Students… Our goal is to provide higher education to as many children as we can. We currently have 24 young adults in college. Ampapawn was one of our girls that entered college this year. We told her story a few months ago. Drug overdose took her mother’s life and her father sold her and her brother’s identity to buy drugs. Coming to Abundant Life Children’s Home has dramatically changed her life and her brother’s life. Last week we pulled into the children’s home property and Ampapawn was getting in a truck. She was leaving for college…we talked a bit, she was excited, but apprehensive as well. We encouraged her, prayed over her and sent her on her way. She is blessed…her life has gone from tragedy to triumph.

Is Sponsorship For You… You can make a difference in a child’s life. The investment is only $40/month. Cathy and I got acquainted with child sponsorship before we came to Thailand. It was 1984…we had three daughters. Missionaries came to our church and shared about sponsoring children in Haiti. We chose three boys…we figured we would sow seed in three children’s lives believing God to meet the needs of our three children. It was a rewarding experience…little did we know that we would be caring for 600 children someday!

Our Partners Are Changing A Nation… What a work God has done the last 38 years. We are blessed to represent you in foreign missions. Together we are making significant change in the lives of thousands of people and hundreds of communities.

God Bless You Richly!
Charlie & Cathy

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