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Eleven years ago, Piyawaet and his sister Ampapawn came to Abundant Life Children’s Home. Their situation was serious; their mother had died, the father, an alcoholic, had abandoned them. Relatives were doing their best to care for them, but they didn’t have food to eat. One of our graduates brought them to Abundant Life Children’s Home. Piyawaet, 6 years old, and his sister, 7 years old, quickly adapted to their new home. I used to tease Piyawaet, calling him a little monkey, as he was always climbing our trees.

A Shocking Discovery … When we registered Piyawaet and Ampapawn for school, we discovered their identity had been sold to traffickers. Their father, who they didn’t even remember, sold their identity. It’s complicated and we can’t go into detail, but we took care of the legalities to clean up the mess.

Fast Forward Eleven Years … The children have thrived; Piyawaet excelled at Cricket and was chosen for the Thai National Team. He is waiting for his passport now and will soon be travelling internationally representing Thailand. Ampapawn is doing well in her high school studies and plans to attend college after graduation.


What The Enemy Tried To Destroy, God Transformed For His Glory … This is one of many success stories of children’s lives being transformed at Abundant Life Children’s Home. We provide a positive environment, a foundation in the Word of God, and an opportunity for a bright future.

The Land Is Ours … Less than two months ago we shared with you an opportunity. That opportunity is now a reality. Through the generous giving of our partners, Abundant Life Foundation has successfully purchased the beautiful 8+ acre property. This was unprecedented … in 36 years of missions’ work, we have never raised this amount of money for a project. We are still in a bit of shock and awe! Thank you partners and glory be to God!


The Goal … The goal for the land is to host Youth Camps, Seminars and Bible Training. Drugs and immorality are destroying the youth in this nation. The Gospel is the answer. For 36 years we have witnessed the transforming power of the Word of God at work in the lives of countless people here in Thailand. This property will serve in a powerful way to help us amplify our efforts here.

The Next Step … As we have gotten to know the layout of the property, we have realized that our Phase One Development will require installing a water system, high voltage electric as well as excavation work. The current water and electric supply are more on a household basis rather than for a developed property with the multiple buildings we plan on building. Water system will include deep well, storage and filtration as well as a gravity feed tower that will supply the property. Electric upgrade will involve bringing the high voltage in 700 meters and installing a step-down transformer to supply the electrical needs. Excavation will make the necessary changes needed to accomodate the site plan we are developing for the property. Donations designated Land Project will now go towards the Phase One Development. It is an honor to represent you in foreign missions … thank you for your part in this ministry.

God Bless!
Charlie & Cathy

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