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The Nation of Thailand has come back to life. Two and a half years of shutdown and very few visitors left Thailand in rough shape. What is happening in the natural is just a prelude to what is taking place spiritually. We are seeing a spiritual hunger here that hasn’t been seen in many years. Excited to see what is coming…

Unexpected Blessing … A couple months ago, we were contacted by a Thai Foundation, which is the arm of a hospital group in Bangkok. They heard of our work with children and wanted to donate to our foundation. This week they outfitted the clinic rooms at our three children’s home facilities with new beds, medical equipment, and supplies. Then they sweetened the deal with a gift of $6000. God is Good!


The Next Step Last month we reported that we were able to purchase the new eight-acre property debt free.  The new property will house our Youth Camp and Bible Training Facility. Our bible school students and staff joined forces, working 960 man-hours on a massive cleanup of the properties. The property had been neglected the last couple years due to covid shutdown; in the tropics, things grow quickly in a couple years! The landscaping is now back in order and awaiting the next step.



Phase I – Initial Infrastructure Development 

  • Excavation Work – Lots of dirt will be moved as we carve out roads, parking, building sites, etc.. And of course, a full-size football pitch (soccer field), volleyball, futsal, takraw and other sport courts. One of the first questions I was presented with when I brought this property to the attention of our committee was, “Is there room for a soccer field?” Sports is a powerful tool to draw the youth of this nation so we can impact them with the Gospel. 

Cost: $25,000 … Fully Funded: This amount has already been committed

  • Commercial Electric Installed – This involves bringing high voltage 22,000 watt electric to our property, installing a 160-KVA stepdown transformer, and installing poles and lines to the various sites where buildings will be built.

Cost: $34,650

  • High Volume Water System – This will involve drilling a deep well, building an underground water storage tank, filtration system, and 70’ water tower that will supply gravity fed water source across the eight-acre property. 

Cost: $32,500

Phase II – Buildings

  • We are working on the plans for three major buildings: Meeting Room upstairs with kitchen and dining facilities on bottom floor. Two Large Dormitory buildings; one for the guys and one for the girls. Plans are still being worked on with architect. The facility will easily accommodate up to 500 people.

We are excited about this new opportunity … thank you for your part in this ministry. God Bless!

Charlie & Cathy

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