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Greetings from Thailand where God is moving and lives are being changed. A great start to a brand new year!

One In A Million Project Launched … Thousands of Micro-SD chips with the bible in various languages were distributed to leaders representing five nations in Asia. Micro-SD duplicators were also distributed which will allow these leaders to mass produce biblical teachings and bibles for further distribution to several people groups. Our first step goal is to have one million people listen through at least the New Testament. We brought church leaders and IT geeks in from Thailand and various other countries to be trained and equipped for this distribution. Sorry for the vagueness, but many of these leaders are reaching the underground church where persecution is extreme and identities need to be protected. This is a three-year project that will more than likely far exceed our goal of one million reached.


Youth Camp On New Properties Nearly 200 youth came together for our Discover Your Destiny event. Rev Brian Chu and Pastor Tim Atkinson were our guest speakers. Our new property is not technically ready to host events yet, but that didn’t seem to matter…The kids camped under the stars and we conducted the meetings in open air. The weather cooperated and all went well. The peace and presence of God was thick, the youth responded to the altar calls and God was glorified. This property will host tens of thousands of people in the years ahead as we develop it and move forward. Countless lives will be transformed as they experience the presence of God.


We Have the Funds for the Commercial Electric Installation … We hit our goal of $35,000 to bring high voltage electric to our property and a 160 KVA stepdown transformer. This will enable us to fully develop multiple buildings on the property with uninterrupted, full capacity electric supply.

Next Step is to Upgrade the Water System … We need to drill a deep well, build water storage and filtration system and install a 70’ water storage tower that will gravity feed clean, fresh water across the 8-acre property. Cost will be approximately $33,000. Once commercial grade electric and abundant water supply are in place, we can proceed to start building on the properties.

News feeds bombard us daily with very depressing news. If we could just tune in to God’s Good News Channel, we would be blessed to realize all the good that is happening worldwide. I believe we are in the beginning of the greatest revival the earth has ever experienced.

Thank you so much for your part in this ministry. Together we truly are making a difference in many, many lives.

God Bless You Richly!

Charlie & Cathy

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