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What a celebration we had when our 2023 Bible School Graduates had their special day. Our keynote speaker for the event was Pastor JD Henderson, a longtime friend from Portland Oregon. The graduates were commissioned with an encouraging, but tall order to faithfully serve God with their lives. The majority of the graduates have already entered full time service for the Lord.

Our Core Vision From God … when we came to Thailand 37 years ago, was to train up national Christian leaders to preach the Gospel. We have stayed true to that vision, which has been the driving force to establish 242 churches in this nation. We currently have over 80 students enrolled in our program. Their lives are being transformed and they will touch this nation for the glory of God.

Mid-Year Update

Over the last six months we have shared several exciting projects and some amazing testimonies from our students, staff and children. Thank you for helping us make this happen. All of the monthly updates are available at the LWMI website if you missed any. Here’s a quick re-cap.

Youth Camp/Conference Center Project … We met our initial goal in developing the infrastructure; 3-phase electric has been installed, two deep wells have been successfully drilled and provide an abundant source of water, the excavation project was completed and the road and parking lot project is nearly completed. Next steps will be the construction of a water storage facility, water filtration system and a 70’ water tower for gravity feed across the property. That will have to wait until after rainy
season as the ground is too soft for trucks to enter the designated construction area for these projects. Church Building Project … Our goal is to build 18 churches this year. We have received funds for nine of these projects, of which several are completed or nearly completed. We still need the $5000/project seed money to launch each of the next nine projects. Once we receive the $5000 seed money, it is double matched with another $10,000. We can then launch a project. We require the local
congregation to get skin in the game and cover the remaining construction costs as well as supplying the bulk of the grunt work. We are seeing some beautiful buildings constructed and congregations thriving.

Thank you for your part in this ministry. God’s Kingdom continues to expand in Thailand through our combined effort.
It is truly an honor and privilege to represent you in foreign missions.

God Bless You Richly!
Charlie & Cathy

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