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One of our most exciting events each year is the graduation of our bible school students. February 25th was the last day of classes for the students. They will do some practical field experience for the next couple months and then graduate on May 28th.

The Core Vision God Gave Us – Train up National Christian Leaders to Preach the Gospel in the Power of the Spirit … Empowering the nationals is the key; we have had remarkable success over the last 35 years with 70+% of our graduates entering full time Christian service. This has fueled the construction of 230 churches built in the Nation of Thailand, ministry to Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and China as well as the care of tens of thousands of children.


Our MO (Modus Operandi) … A bit of an old school term these days; comes from Latin meaning Method of Operation. Our MO has been #1 Tell them what you want to do #2 Do what you said you would do #3 Show them it’s done. Pretty simple, but for 35+ years this is how we have operated and it has worked quite well. Glory to God!

Three Brand New Vans Delivered To Us … We would have been blessed with one new van, but God did one of His Ephesian 3:20 specials. Through the generosity of our partners we now own 3 new Toyota vans paid in full! Thank you to everyone who gave towards this project and/or prayed for this project.

Awesome Testimonies … One partner sent us an email sharing that she did not have funds to sow towards the project, but that she had been praying diligently for the success of the project since receiving our letter. (That is as good as gold!) Another partner called in to make a substantial donation; she shared how God had put it on her heart to sow into this project but she did not have the money. Her daughter was going to Mexico and asked if she had any pesos. Our partner recalled that her mother, before she had passed, left her some precious inheritance money in pesos and dollars. The daughter’s request for pesos triggered the memory of this money which was safely stored away. The daughter got the pesos and our partner donated a gift to the van project. These testimonies remind me that we should never limit God!.

God Is So Good … The bible says God is at work in us willing and doing of His good pleasure. We are after all, His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works which God has ordained that we should walk in them! Thank you for letting God work through you. It is our honor and privilege to represent you in foreign missions.

God Bless You Richly…

Charlie & Cathy

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