Our Vision

Children’s Program

Every child should have an opportunity for success in life. If they are to become productive citizens of their country and make a positive impact on society, they will need access to education, healthcare and a safe environment to grow up in. Abundant Life Foundation has numerous programs and scholarships that help children succeed in life.

Community Projects

A society is made up of individuals... if we can train the individual to be a better person and contribute to their local community; the society as a whole will benefit. Abundant Life Foundation is actively involved in our local communities. We have ongoing cooperative efforts with the local schools, police, local district and sub-district government administrations.

Occupational Development

The root cause of most problems in society stems from poverty. We can bring dignity to the lives of people by helping them to successfully attain skills that enable them to properly care for their families. We are endeavoring to help people by helping them to develop viable means of income to help them prosper and lead productive lives.

“The Core Goal of Abundant Life Foundation is Helping People Help Themselves.”


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Families Helped