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Who Will Teach The Children???                                                     Drugs, prostitution, poverty and false religion are snaring the youth in Thailand. Without an opportunity for a decent education and Godly guidance, these kids are easy targets.

We Have Something to Offer...                                                          Abundant Life Children’s Home is a loving, caring place filled with the love of Jesus. Children who would otherwise have no hope are finding a positive environment where dreams and visions come alive. Trained up in the word of God and given a proper education, these kids are growing up with hope, faith and vision.

You Have a Golden Opportunity to help one or more of these children. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing you have rescued a child from deceptive religion, drug addiction, prostitution or poverty.

Why Not Give Sponsorship A Try?                                                    We believe you will be very satisfied knowing “You” are shaping a life for Jesus. We will teach the children, but we need your help to do so. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Child sponsorship is a joint effort to help an underprivileged child have a chance in life. God has placed us in the Golden Triangle Region of Thailand. Poverty, drugs and prostitution are rampant. Your sponsorship helps us to rescue a child and give them an opportunity to grow up in a Christ centered environment.

How Much Of My Gift Actually Goes To The Child?                     100% of your gift is used for the child's support. We raise the administrative cost through our general budget. Our children's homes are run with excellence; all of our homes are full care facilities.





                                                                 Premium Level  -  US$40/month; $480/year and includes:

  • Room and Board
  • School Tuition
  • US$50 Annual Book and Uniform Cost
  • US$35 Birthday Gift
  • US$35 Christmas Gift

Standard Level  -  US$30/month; US$360/year and includes:

  • Room and Board
  • Tuition

How Do I Send My Sponsorship Gift?                                                   This can be done via check, bank account debit, or credit card and be either on a monthly basis or annual basis. Recurring auto debits from a bank account or credit card is a very convenient method.

There is no contract involved, but rather a free will offering from you. Our hope is that you will sponsor your child through the years, but you can terminate your sponsorship at any time that you decide.