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Abundant Life Children's Home Facilities

Doi Saket   -  Chiangmai Province                     (click the picture to the left to enlarge)                     

This is headquarters; our administrative offices as well as our largest children’s home facility are located here. Situated on 18 acres of land just 30 minutes outside of Chiangmai City allows the convenience of city but the fresh air of the country. The children enjoy modern facilities complete with computer lab, athletic fields and ample space for recreation.

 Ban Den   -  Chiangmai Province              (click on the picture to the left to enlarge)                                   

Brand new facilities have been constructed and the children moved in May, 2014. This home has access to the Sahamit Christian School where our children receive a quality Christian education. The new facilities are beautiful; the setting is perfect and there is plenty of room to develop the sporting and recreation areas for the children. Most recently, we have been able to outfit the facility with a modern computer lab as well.

 Mae La Noi    -  Mae Hong Son Province  (click the picture to the left to enlarge)         

The Mae La Noi facility is a three acre property on the banks of the Yuam River; beautiful facilities with a modern computer lab and plenty of space for sport and recreation. The view is beautiful and the land is rich. The staff plant crops every year in the river delta after rainy season which provides an abundant supply of chemical free produce.