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 History of Abundant Life Children's Home

Abundant Life Children’s Home exists today because of our adopted twin boys, Jason and Jeremy. We found the boys deep in the jungles of the Golden Triangle region of Thailand in August 1989. We were tipped off about a set of twins that escaped being killed at birth; a strange custom of a tribal group that had superstitious beliefs about twins. We trekked to the remote mountain area; found two little boys only ten days old and at the point of death. Their tiny bodies only 4-5 lbs each were filled with infection.

After their lives were spared at birth, the twins were taken by families working for Khun Saa, the infamous drug warlord. Khun Saa was on America’s #1 Most Wanted List for years; he has never been caught. The babies were not loved; only being raised to serve as soldiers for the drug trade.

We bought the babies for $4.00 each and took them down the mountain to “find a good home for them.” Needless to say, our home was the home God prepared for these boys. We adopted Jason and Jeremy and they are now U.S. citizens and “Soldiers in the Lord’s Army!”

Finding Jason and Jeremy opened our eyes to things taking place among the children of the Golden Triangle. A vision was birthed to establish Abundant Life Children’s Home. In May of 1994 we opened our home with 22 children. We have been growing every year and pursuing our vision of reaching thousands of children.


The children come from many backgrounds. All from severe poverty; some are the children of drug addicts or prostitutes, some are orphans, and some are refugee children. Many are just from very poor families that live in extremely remote areas where schooling is not available. We provide a home with an opportunity for proper education and a Godly upbringing. Food, housing, medical, clothing and education are provided through LWMI. We have a staff of experienced husband/wife teams that live with and minister to the children.

Abundant Life Foundation is registered with the Government of Thailand to facilitate the ongoing vision to develop and expand Abundant Life Children’s Homes. Permanent homes for the children have been built on land purchased under Abundant Life Foundation. Our vision is to have our own Christian schools and occupational training centers. Currently we use the government schools.


At Abundant Life Children's Home children have the opportunity to grow in a Godly environment and get grounded in the Word of God. A quality education provides the children with the opportunity to develop skills that will either place them in the job market or into further spiritual training to fulfill their calling from God.