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Transforming a Nation

Living Word Ministries is aggressively planting churches across the Nation of Thailand. We are well on our way to establish 1,000 churches across this land. Along with the Church Planting Program, we provide bible curriculums that can be studied at our bible school facility or online. These degreed programs are designed to thoroughly train ministers to effectively reach this nation with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.


We worked together with International Cooperating Ministries (ICM) to develop a 215 lesson Mini-Bible College that is available in audio format as well as in workbook format. These excellent 30 minute lessons originally taught by Dick Woodward are designed to be used in small group settings. The Mini-Bible College is an excellent tool to disciple new believers as well as to enrich the established believer. This tool has already been distributed to 1,000 churches nationwide.