Making a Difference

"Welcome to our website. There is a lot of information, links, videos, etc. that will show you what we have been up to the last 32 years. It is amazing how the time flies and truly amazing what can be accomplished by simply staying consistent in what God calls you to do. We want to thank the wonderful people that have made this ministry possible; faithful partners and an awesome team here in Thailand. It has been quite a journey to this point and we all know the best is yet to come!"

Along with overseeing Abundant Life Children’s Homes which care for over 700 children, Charlie and Cathy Milbrodt pastor a local church, conduct a bible school and oversee an evangelism-church planting team which has planted and constructed over 180 churches across the nation of Thailand. In recent years Occupational Development through coffee farming has been developed to provide livelihood for rural villagers. Great tasting Mai Thai Coffee is the result; giving hope to rural farmers and providing support to care for orphans and at risk children in Thailand.

March 2019

We are hitting that place in ministry where the years of faithfulness are piling up and the fruit is overflowing. The enclosed picture of graduates was taken last Saturday, March 2nd. Sunday morning we dedicated a new church and Sunday evening attended a gathering of our alumni in the Mae Sariang District. I was a bit surprised when they announced that we had built 74 churches in the three districts represented that evening.


President's and Parliament Members...

Two of the men in attendance that evening were from our first class back in 1987. Prasit, is currently the President of our Abundant Life Foundation (and technically my boss!) Paitoon is currently running in the election to be a member of Parliament for the Thai Government. His chances of being elected are looking very good. We joked and reminisced about their “hopeless condition back in 1987 when they were 17 year old students.” I confessed to the group that back in 1987 after teaching that rag tag group of 15 students for one week, I went home and cried my heart out before God. I thought I had missed God coming to Thailand, because there “surely wasn’t any hope for this rag tag bunch to ever amount to anything!” Fast forward 32 years and look what the Lord has done. So glad we didn’t go home back then!


A Sure Foundation...

Many have asked what is the key to our success. First of all, we didn’t give up. Secondly and even more important, we based everything on the sure foundation of God’s Word. This year’s graduating class is an example of what we have been doing since January 1987. Class after class, school after school; staff, students and children have been grounded in the Word of God. Isaiah 28:16 "See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who trusts will never be dismayed.”


Thank You for Giving Us This Opportunity...

Daily I count my blessings for the wonderful opportunity I have been given to live and serve the Lord in the Nation of Thailand. Last week was quite a week, in addition to the three events I mentioned above; I turned 65 last Friday…I have been in Thailand for exactly half of my life. What an adventure it has been! It truly is an honor to represent you in foreign missions, thank you for trusting in us.